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Our products are produced using the best NZ ingredients that we can find. It matters to us where our ingredients come from - we always try to source from suppliers, farmers and growers who we know and trust and care as much about good food as you do.

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I Love Pies


We think you can’t make a good pie if you don’t start with good pastry. Our pastry is a bit different, it’s made with sour cream, we also use real butter rather than hydrogenated fats and yellow food colouring. We think it tastes pretty delicious and we are sure you will taste the difference. Our pastry is carefully hand folded to create a puffy puff pastry on top and a nice short crust on the bottom.


We believe that fresh is best and when it comes to herbs and vegetables, a limp sad carrot won’t do, neither will frozen icy peas. Enough said.


We use Rangitikei Corn Fed Free Range Chicken, in our Chicken, Leek and Mustard pie. Rangitikei are New Zealand’s first chicken meat producer to carry the SPCA ‘Blue Tick’ certification mark. All Rangitikei Chicken are raised Free Range with the freedom to be outside and grow at a natural rate. They are corn fed produce, which delivers a richer, tastier buttery flavour. We use their chicken not only because they are free ranged but also because they taste like chicken use to taste – yum!


We only use top quality New Zealand Angus beef in our pies. We have chosen to use 100% Rump steak, a prime cut of meat which we feel gives the best succulent texture and flavour in our pies. The cattle are grass fed and sourced locally from farms where sustainable farming and the welfare and health of the animals is carefully controlled. When preparing the meat a dedicated process is used in which the beef is naturally aged for a minimum of 21 days to enhance the meat quality, creating a unique and delicious flavour. This lovely quality meat is the kind of stuff you would cook with at home!


We use NZ Free Range Pork from Harmony, which is SPCA Blue Tick Certified. The pigs have a varied diet including fresh grass and grains, there are no cages, no pens and only open pastures and plenty of space for them to roam. Harmony go to extraordinary lengths to ensure that their meat goes from pasture to plate with absolute care at every stage. We agree with Harmony that a happy pig makes the best tasting pork and therefore great tasting sausage rolls and pies.


We use smoked fish produced by Smokey of KatiKati which is 100% natural and therefore free from colour, flavourings and preservatives. They use A grade fish which is sourced locally from New Zealand's finest fishing companies, and then smoked the classic kiwi way simply with salt and manuka wood chips. We have chosen to use Kahawai and Trevally, not only are these delicious smoked but they are also recommended as a more sustainable fish species to use.

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We use lovely Meadow Mushrooms in our Free Range Chicken, Mushroom and Bacon pie. Meadows is NZ's leading producer of mushrooms, and a family owned business that started in the 1970s. They grow their mushrooms in Canterbury, and their staff hand-pick 364 days a year to ensure top-quality freshness. Mushrooms are a superfood and are packed with minerals and vitamins including selenium. We think these yummy mushrooms make our Free Range Chicken, Mushroom and Bacon pie extra delicious. Fun fact - mushrooms double in size every day before they are picked!

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I Love Baking


Dates are a wonderful and natural source of sugar that have been cultivated and eaten by many cultures for thousands of years. They contain fibre, protein and a wide range of essential nutrients including potassium. 20% of the sweetness in our cookies comes from the natural goodness of dates. We love using dates as they give a lovely natural caramel taste and colour to our cookies.


In our cookie range we use locally-grown wholegrain oats from Otago and Southland. They are low GI and high in fibre. The wholegrain oats we use are finely ground which allows us to reduce the white flour content. At the same time, they give a delicious flavour and texture to our cookies.


Our cookies, pies and sausage rolls are made with 100% New Zealand butter which is a natural fat, and is widely considered as one of the 'healthy' fats. Most manufactures use unnatural margarines and pastry fats which are a cheap source of fat and contain palm oil. We proudly use butter in all our pastry and cookies as not only does it taste great but it also means we are palm oil free which is better for our environment.


We use unrefined sugar in our cookies which has been made by pressing out, cleaning and crystallising the juice from the sugar cane. Unlike refined sugar it retains much more of sugar’s natural nutrients, such as calcium, iron and magnesium and it also adds a subtle and natural depth of colour to our cookies.


Our Mānuka Honey Muesli Cookies contain the natural goodness of MGO™30+ Mānuka Honey. The Mānuka Honey we use comes from beehives in remote and pristine areas of New Zealand. Not only does it taste delicious it is also renowned for its unique natural properties that have made it a favourite all over the world.

I Love Breakfast


We use beautiful New Zealand kamahi honey. This lovely fragrant honey usually comes from tall Kamahi trees that sit 25 metres high above the canopies of native bush on the west coast of the Southern Alps. It has a delicious and complex flavour which can be described as clean, well-rounded rich and sweet, with a balanced 'buttery' finish.


We use locally-grown wholegrain oats from Otago and Southland. They are low GI and high in fibre and add to our granolas crunchy texture. They are also a great source of protein, important vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. Oats contain manganese, phosphorus, magnesium, copper, iron, zinc, folate, vitamin B1, and vitamin B5, and smaller amounts of calcium, potassium, vitamin B6, and vitamin B3. The soluble fibre in oats, beta-glucan, also helps you feel fuller for longer and promotes healthy gut bacteria.


We use a range of nuts and seeds in our granolas, adding a delicious crunch and texture. Some of our favourites that we use are macadamias, almonds, linseeds, pumpkin and sunflower seeds. Nuts and seeds are full of ‘good’ fats like essential unsaturated and monounsaturated fats. Vitamins E and B, folate, fibre, and the essential minerals magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, copper, and selenium are also present in nuts. Seeds contain protein as well, and heart-healthy monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats. They are also plant-based sources of essential amino acids and minerals, including calcium, zinc, copper and magnesium. Other benefits include dietary fibre, vitamins and phytochemicals. In numerous studies seeds are linked to improved cardiovascular, digestive, immune and bone health. All in all, the nuts are seeds in our granolas add both health benefits and crunchy deliciousness! 


We use freeze-dried raspberries in the Raspberry and Almond Granola. These 100 percent natural raspberries are from Fresh As, a small, quality-driven company who specialise in freeze dried fruit. For the dried apricots in the Apricot and Linseed Granola, we use sulphite-free apricots, which makes them preservative-free. You may notice our apricots are a little darker than what you usually see, and this is why. The fruit we use in our granolas give our products a lovely fruity taste.


Twenty percent of the sweetness in our kids cereals comes from the goodness of dates. Dates are a wonderful and natural source of sweetness that have been cultivated and eaten by many cultures for thousands of years. They contain fibre, protein and a wide range of essential nutrients including potassium. 


Despite its name, buckwheat is actually a seed, not a type of wheat. Buckwheat has a high mineral and antioxidant content, making it a good addition to your diet. It has fibre, protein and minerals like magnesium and iron. 


Instead of using artificial colours, our Honey Rainbow crunch cereal is naturally coloured using blackcurrants. We also use spirulina and safflower as other natural sources of colour.

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